Lawyer says Armstrong arrest warrant was “a misunderstanding”

Updated. The Colorado Springs Gazette reports that the bench warrant for the Rev. Donald Armstrong has been quashed.

The Rev. Donald Armstrong said Friday that an arrest warrant issued after he failed to show up for a court appearance resulted from a misunderstanding.

“The warrant resulted from a confusion about first appearance dates,” Armstrong said. “It has all been cleared up and the warrant quashed.”

Armstrong was recently indicted by a grand jury on suspicion of stealing money from Grace and St. Stephens Episcopal Church.

An updated Gazette report says this:

For about 48 hours, the Rev. Donald Armstrong III was a wanted man.

A judge issued a bench warrant for Armstrong on Wednesday after he failed to show for an initial court appearance.

However, the warrant was quashed today after Armstrong’s lawyer Dennis Hartley explained to the court that it was a communications mixup between his office and the court clerk.

“It would have been an easy thing to have him appear,” Hartley told the Gazette today. “Don never knew he needed to appear. We told him he didn’t have to appear.”

Armstrong said Friday the warrant came about due to “confusion over first appearance dates.”

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