LentTracker lists 100 most popular Lenten sacrifices

Ever thought about giving up religion for Lent? Religion has made the list of the most popular things to give up this year for Lent, though barely (it’s listed as 25th out of 100). School, chocolate and Twitter are highest on the Lent Tracker list, compiled by OpenBible. The Washington Post reports:

The project, now entering its sixth year, pulls from the Twitter firehose to index mentions of Lent and various iterations of the phrase “giving up.” It’s the brainchild of Biblical Web guru Stephen Smith, who in his day job runs engineering for the massive Christian site BibleGateway.com. The list updates every 10 minutes, so it’s apt to change. But here’s what it looked like as of this writing:

School (11,330 tweets)

Chocolate (8,916)

Twitter (8,171)

Swearing (6,733)

Alcohol (5,820)

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