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From “Church Marketing Sucks,” how Churches might leverage Facebook for greater effect:

Churches & the Facebook News Feed: How Can You Leverage It?

February 8, 2011 by Stephen Smith in Church Marketing Sucks

In our last piece, we looked at why it’s important for churches to leverage the power of Facebook’s news feed. There was a lot to discuss and think about, but now that you’ve come to terms with its importance, let’s dive right into ways you can start getting the most out of the news feed.

1. Ask Questions

Even if you just want to announce something, share a link, or post a video, ask a question first. People love to give their opinions and will quickly post comments.

Example: Who do you think we should support? The church approved a 10% increase in the missions budget at last night’s meeting.

It’s also worth asking questions without tying them to an announcement or link of any kind. This is a great way to get valuable feedback as well as interactions to increase your page’s reach.

Example: What topics would you like Pastor Tim to cover at youth group this summer?

2. Give Them Something To Do

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