Light on the Cross We’ve Borne


“All of us have experienced loss – the kind that plunges us into darkness. Sometimes, when we’re lucky, the meaning of the experience comes into focus quickly. Other times, it can take months or even years for the light to finally land on the cross we’ve borne.” Excerpt from Windows into the Soul – Art as Spiritual Expression by Michael Sullivan. Copyright © 2006. Morehouse Publishing, an imprint of Church Publishing Incorporated.

On View: Harvestfield (Luke 10:2) by Lorna L. Effler. Writing about this painting, the artist says, “Plentiful to harvest are fields of lentils where blue blossoms have developed into pods. The sea of lentils represents ‘the world’. Planted in the middle are lilies, portraying the faithful believers of Jesus Christ in the world. These flowers are symbolic of rebirth and the ‘resurrection of Christ’.” more>

As seen in the ECVA exhibition Image and Likeness

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