Live: Random observations

Rowan Williams’ stock is enjoying at least a brief rally on the Anglican market. The retreat format with which the Lambeth Conference began showed him at his best, offering lucid and compelling Scriptural meditations, and calling the bishops to mutual accountability.

If the generally optimistic mood here survives the weekend, look for a high profile conservative bishop to attempt to pour water on it in the press.

Folks who have seen the 20-minute outtake of Voices of Witness–Africa, the documentary that that Katie Sherrod and Cynthia Black have made about GLBT life in Anglican Africa, are extremely excited about it. I am eager to have a look.

Every now and then I wonder at the logic of preventing Gene Robinson from doing what gay vicars all over England are doing–celebrating the Eucharist. It is as though the English church has decided that being a gay bishop is somehow a greater impediment to consecrating the elements than being a gay priest. I need a sacramental theologian to unpack that for me.

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