Long distance Christmas

Bishop George Packard, the Episcopal Bishop in charge of Chaplaincies, points us to a new resource offered by Episcopal Church to families celebrating Christmas while separated by deployment.

From his blog:

Have you read any good books lately…to your kid while in Iraq?

That’s the kind of question a group of education writers were asking over this past week as they worked under the theme “Across the Miles: Praying, Reaching, and Reading.” Meant as a support to the deployed and their families a series of booklets and on-line, inter-active supports is planned. For example, “Devotions for Adults Family Members Separated by Distance.” is matched in its ingenuity by another selection of prayers and exercises crafted especially for children.

These resources will be available on the Episcopal Church’s website in the near future. We’ll try to post a direct link to them as soon as they become available. There are pictures and a list of staff from the Church Center and dioceses around the Church who helped with the project at the Bishop’s site linked above.

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