MacIyalla granted U.K. asylum

Davis MacIyalla, a Nigerian campaigner for the rights of gay and lesbian people in the Church and in the world, was granted asylum by the British government yesterday because of death threats he has received from people in Nigeria.

Walking with Integrity has the full details, and their story includes this quote from Davis:

“‘This is a huge relief. This morning I wasn’t a free man – now I’m safe. My great sadness is for all my brother and sister LGBT Christians back in Nigeria whose lives are still limited and sometimes endangered, just because of who they are.'”

The article points out:

The UK Government’s recognition that Nigeria can be a dangerous place for gay Anglicans sits in stark contrast to the view of Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) leaders who until recently denied that that homosexuality existed within their church. They still refuse to condemn violence against LGBT people and continue to deny them a place within the body of the Church.”

Read the full article here.

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