Madonna and Child



[Episcopal Life] Anyone who has searched for religious clip art or graphics to illustrate a weekly bulletin, poster or newsletter knows immediately how time-consuming such a task can be.

Now four Episcopal artists, commissioned by the Office of Communication’s web department, have each created a set of 12 Christian symbols that have been placed on the church’s website for use at no charge for non-commercial purposes.

“From time to time, someone would call asking for free clip art or graphics, or asking if we could recommend a designer for a church logo or T-shirt,” said Bowie Snodgrass, web content editor. “From these requests came our idea to commission some good, original Episcopal clip art — making what might sound like an oxymoron into a created reality.”

She, and her colleague, Wade Hampton, the church’s art director, partnered with an organization called Episcopal Church & Visual Arts (ECVA) and issued a “call for entries” last summer. They received sample symbols from 15 artists. Read the full story here >

On View: Madonna and Child Original Clip Art by Marilyn Dale. From ‘Symbols’, in the Image Shop at the Episcopal Church website

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