Majority of new clergy in Church of England are women

The Church of England ordained more women than men during 2006, the first year this has happened. This and other statistics are provided in statistics released today by the church.

But there’s more to be told when you look at stipendiary ministry only:

The Church ordained 478 new clergy in 2006, a drop on the 505 ordained in 2005, the highest number since 2002…. Overall, more women (244) than men (234) were ordained in 2006, though the majority of these were ordained to non-stipendiary ministry. Of those ordained to full-time, stipendiary ministry, 128 were men and 95 were women.

Regarding attendance the figures “show a mixed picture for trends in church attendance.” “The decline in infant baptisms continued.

“Total income rose. “Average giving to the church is around three per cent of average incomes.”

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