March Gladness is back

UPDATED: Bracket released.


Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation’s 2010 installment of March Gladness is ready to roll out.

March Gladness combines two of our favorite things — Making Poverty History and the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Here’s how it works. Like your regular NCAA pool, you fill out your tournament bracket — picking each game in the field of 65 right up to the championship game. Like your regular pool it costs a little to get in. Like your regular pool, the people who do the best picking the games win the pot.

…with this great catch:

*Instead of the winners taking home the pot, all money raised will be given to the designated MDG-related organizations. [Your org of choice has to be a registered 501(c)3 -ed.]

*At the end of the tournament, all money donated will be given to MDG-related nonprofits with the following distribution:

1st place – 50%

2nd place – 25%

3rd place – 15%

4th place – 10%

To opt in for play, mark yourself as “attending” on the March Gladness Facebook event page. Instructions will follow.

Not on Facebook? Send an email to

The road to the Final Four begins in earnest today, with the 65 teams competing for the title of NCAA basketball champ being announced at 6 p.m. EDT.

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