Marriage Equality: CoE bishops not clear on “the program”

Andrew Brown, writes in The Guardian, on Sentamu’s recent speech on equal marriage and the resistance of the bishops to calling it marriage. Brown puts things in historical perspective well:

The archbishop, John Sentamu, asked: “What do you do with people in same-sex relationships that are committed, loving and Christian? Would you rather bless a sheep and a tree, and not them? However, that is a big question, to which we are going to come. I am afraid that now is not the moment.”

No. It isn’t. That moment passed years ago, when civil partnerships were first brought in, and the archbishop’s was one of the loudest voices demanding that the Church of England have nothing to do with them. The bishops still don’t realise what damage they did then.

Even the supposedly liberal Rowan Williams said the other week, while lecturing on the fifth anniversary of his sharia speech, that “I am not wholly clear to what problem same-sex marriage is the answer” – at which my neighbour whispered: “He’s an idiot if he doesn’t know the problem is not listening to gay people.” So Williams is an idiot on this subject. And so is his colleague in York, and both for the same reason, very damning to Christians: they failed to listen to the weak because they thought the noisy bullies mattered more.

And by ++Welby’s own words so it seems is the current Archbishop of Canterbury.

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