Meanwhile back in Virginia

There appear to have been some developments in the Virginia court cases regarding the property being claimed by the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and the Anglican District of Virginia (part of the CANA convocation associated with the Anglican Church of Nigeria).

Two new documents have been posted the Episcopal diocesan web site. One is entitled “Motion to Intervene” and the other “Order“.

Mary Ailes has some coverage here of these two documents.

Your editor of the day here at the Lead does not speak “court” very well, but is informed that one of the implications of these documents is that the Attorney General of Virginia is now a party to the case. This means that the Attorney General has the ability to appeal any rulings since he is no longer participating as a “friend of the court” siding with CANA. In other words the State of Virginia is now aligned with CANA and the Church of Nigeria against the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Virginia.

Additionally there will be a hearing in August to determine whether or not the three parties can agree about what is settled as a matter of law or not.

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