Mental illness and the church

In his blog Tony Randall talks to…, Randall interviews the Venerable Dr. Jane Hedges, Sub-Dean, Canon Steward and Archdeacon of Westminster Abbey. Hedges “became Canon Steward at Westminster Abbey in January 2006 a role which involves overseeing the welcome of over one and a quarter million visitors each year to the Abbey. She is also Archdeacon of Westminster and has recently been appointed Sub-Dean”:

… what ever faith or religion you are its likely you will come across a family member, friend or a work colleague who will experience this illness. But there is still unease and stigma that surrounds those who suffer from mental health in our society, so what about the church? are they welcoming and offer support and understanding or does that unease prevent them reaching out to those in need? Canon Jane speaks frankly about the churches role, whether spiritual care is more beneficial than medication and the role our MPs can play in the needs of those who suffer from mental health and more.

Read the whole interview here

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