Methodists denounce the Institute for Religion and Democracy

The Desert Southwest Conference of the United Methodist Church is proposing a resolution, to be considered by their General Conference in 2008, condemning the tactics of the Institute for Religion and Democracy and calling for all Methodists to cease working with this organization.

The Desert Southwest Conference denounces the IRD and proposes the following for consideration by the national conference.

The Resolution contains numerous Wheras clauses concluding with these resolutions:

Therefore, be it resolved, that we condemn the hardball, deceptive and divisive tactics of the Institute on Religion and Democracy and its UMAction Committee.

Therefore, be it further resolved, that we call for the following actions:

* Good News/RENEW and The Confessing Movement to cease their partnership with the IRD

* all caucus groups not to use the same kinds of hardball tactics exhibited by the IRD

* all United Methodists not to support the IRD and to reject the agenda it works to impose on the UMC and the tactics it uses to advance them.

* the IRD to disband its UMAction committee and cease its efforts to impose its agenda on the UMC.

* all parts of the UMC to engage religion of the heart, in accordance with Wesley’s teachings and the example of Christ, and join hands together so that we may move forward together in love and in good works.

Therefore, be it further resolved, that, in order to facilitate this joining of hands, we call on all parts of the Church to engage in study and dialogue on Wesleyan theology, specifically in regards to Wesley’s understanding of what is true religion (and what is not)— religion of the heart with the Royal Law at its center—and how it applies to the needs of the world, as expressed in his concept of “practical Christianity.” In such dialogue, it is hoped that the Church will return to what is essential and most important about our faith and about living as disciples of Christ. It is further hoped

that through this, organizations such as the IRD that seek to divide us will fail in their efforts, and we will better learn to love each other and to see Christ in each other, enabling us to then join our hands so that we may indeed move forward together in love and good works.

Therefore, be it further resolved, that at the close of the 2007 New York Annual Conference session, the above resolution be prepared and submitted by the Annual Conference secretary to comply with deadlines and submission requirements for consideration by the 2008 General Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Read the whole resolution here

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