Millenials & home ownership (…& the church)

It’s an old old practice to try to predict the future. And in the church, of course, we also would like to know what the future holds.

Here at the Cafe, we have highlighted the great book by millenial priest, Adam Thomas, “Digital Disciple” which takes a look at the ways that the “millenial generation” will be encountering, and influencing the church. Take a look at excerpts from Thomas’s book HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Another perspective on the lifestyle of millenials is to take a look at what their home buying patterns are, and will be, for these will surely affect the church.

What do you think the future holds?

Millenials impact on real estate

By realtor and blogger Jim Duncan at “RealCrozetVA

This is something I am trying to wrap my head around – what will the millenials’ mobility mean to homeownership?

Short answer to the question: I don’t know how millennials are going to affect the real estate market, but I know that they are going to cause a tectonic shift in our society, specifically:

Millennials’ roots will be different than previous generations; their roots will be electronic, rather than physical. Am I wrong?

Have a look at this chart: Generations 2010: Trends in online activities

Millenial’s mobility is going to affect everything – the homeownership rate, the type of home, the location …. will they buy? If they do, will they buy rural or urban? Big or small? New or old?

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