Mission work in Myanmar

Katharine Babson is a priest of the Episcopal Church who’s been doing missionary work in Myanmar on and off since 1994. There’s an article published today that describes her ministry and her love for the people among whom she works.

From the opening of Saturday’s article in the Portland (Maine) Press Herald:

“Babson, an Episcopal priest who lives in Brunswick most of the year, figures everyone has their own spiritual journey. She speaks about what she believes in when asked, but proselytizing is not on her agenda.

She’s too busy building preschools, helping Christian students with their applications to Western seminaries, and generally working to keep open the lines of communication between this politically volatile country and the rest of the world.

‘I love what I do,’ Babson said. ‘Not many people understand this strange way of being a ministry, or they hear I’m officially a missionary and they say, ‘Oh that’s awful, you’re over there converting everybody’ and they don’t ask any more questions. But what has evolved is this amazing cultural exchange, an opening up of a community to a world beyond itself.'”

Read the full article here.

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