Modern weddings threaten marriage?

Are modern weddings a threat to marriage? The BBC online quotes Giles Fraser’s recent comments on the issue. What’s your take?

A marriage made in hell?

From the BBC online

Has “an atmosphere of narcissism and self-promotion” worked its way into the idea of the modern wedding celebration?

Perhaps the thought won’t be in the forefront of the minds of the thousands of people wending their way to churches, town halls and marquees around the country this weekend.

But as wedding guests shake confetti from their clothes or tie ties around heads on the dance floor, they might reflect on the purpose of the big day.

The criticism was levelled by Rev Dr Giles Fraser, Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral, rippling the usually placid waters of the Today programme’s Thought for he Day with concerns that that “too many modern weddings have just lost their way”.

“I’d even say that they’ve become a threat to marriage itself,” he added, arguing that the idea of self-sacrifice is lost when the ceremony is “specifically designed to be all about ‘me’, about being a ‘princess for a day'”.

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