More about the attempted shooting of Bishop Barahona

Following up on the story from Thursday that there has been an attempt on the life of Archbishop Barahona, the Primate of Central America and the bishop of El Salvador, the bishop appeared at a press conference yesterday.

The Lutheran bishop of the region, speaking in support of the Anglican bishop pointed out the coincidence of the day of the shooting being the 30th anniversary of the shooting of Archbishop Oscar Romero.

He added, “We are glad and pleased that the bishop is giving his testimony, but how sad it would have been if, on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Monsignor Romero, another bishop had been assassinated… the violence already is excessive.”

El Salvador, a Central American country, is considered one of the most violent countries in the world. According to official statistics, 13 people die a day as a consequence of the social violence.

Bishop Barahona expressed his regret at a press conference: “I leave this matter to the authorities who are investigating, but I am worried about this type of violence that everyone suffers.”

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