‘More Cake, Vicar?’

On the lighter side of the news that’s breaking today, an article about a novel way of fund-raising to support mission work in the developing world was published in Christianity Today:

“From carrot cake to Lincolnshire plum bread with marmite, bishops throughout the UK and the Anglican Communion have named their favourite cakes to help launch the ‘More Cake, Vicar?’ campaign – which is being run by the USPG: Anglicans in World Mission.

…Churches are being invited to bake and sell cakes to raise funds to help USPG support the vital work of Anglican churches in over 50 countries, from hospitals in Tanzania to house building in Chile.

…Archbishop [Rowan Williams] also said: ‘USPG continues to enrich the life of the Anglican Communion through its rootedness in the life of the Provinces. Its commitment to partnership and cooperation yields great dividends as together we share in God’s mission worldwide.’”

Read the rest here: ‘More Cake, Vicar?’ Campaign to Support Anglican Mission Abroad

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