More on the Armstrong saga

I haven’t been able to keep pace with the debate over the presentment against the Rev. Don Armstrong, rector of Grace Church and St. Stephen’s in Colorado Springs, and executive director of the Anglican Communion Institute. But there have been some helpful observations, especially among commenters, on other blogs. C. B., who posts here regularly has posed some excellent questions and gotten some revealing answers from at least one of the players in this drama, the Rev. Dr. Christopher Setiz, president of the ACI, who, before the Armstrong story broke, was urging the Windsor bishops to invade Grenada. Or something like that.

Kendall Harmon presents a round-up of the media coverage here. Make sure to read the comments.

Mark Harris wonders how Bishop Martyn Minns will respond if it turns out that Armstrong is guilty of the charges against him. (Armstrong and his parish have decamped for the Church of Nigeria in which Minns is a missionary bishop.)

Simon Sarmiento has good links and conversation as well.

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