More reactions from “Men and Women in Marriage” report

Changing Attitudes reports that The Bishop of Bradford says that he and most of the the bishops were unaware that the Men and Women in Marriage was being released.

Colin Coward writes:

The report doesn’t seem to have the support of the Faith and Order Commission nor of the House of Bishops. The Bishop of Coventry seems to have written a report that both conservatives and pro-gay groups deride as being theologically and intellectually inept and inadequate.

The story, which is continuing to come out, shows our Church to be dysfunctional and secretive. If there was greater transparency such disasters might be more easily avoided. If there was greater confidence among the majority about the loving, generous nature of God, such disasters might be avoided. If there was greater transparency, honesty and openness within the House of Bishops, the Church might be less hypocritical in its treatment of LGB&T people.

A few days ago Changing Attitudes shared the dissent of Charlotte Methuen, a member of the Faith and Order Commission which produced the report.

Episcopal Cafe included this in its earlier coverage.

Changing Attitudes states the hope that the members of the committee “…will have the confidence to join Charlotte in voicing their own critique.”

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