Muddy boots

Grandmère Mimi over at Wounded Bird blog shares a letter from Bishop Jenkins to his diocese as he retires.

She writes:

From Churchwork, the official publication of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana.

With Mud on My Shoes

by Bishop Charles Jenkins

Holy Scripture tells us that when we come to a place where the Good News of God in Christ is not honored we should “shake the dust from our sandals.” There is no dust in south Louisiana this wet winter. My wellies are covered in mud and I have no intention of trying to shake that river mud from my feet! Serving God as Bishop in Louisiana has been an honor for me.

I had no idea how this ministry of episcope would turn out. If God had told me that a fellow from rural north Louisiana would ended up doing the ministry that has been mine for the past five years, I would have questioned God’s credibility. Indeed, these last five years have been the hardest of my life. It has been frustrating as can be to try and deal with all that I have had before me whilst dealing with my own impairment. So, with honor there is humility. God is good.

My parting hope is that we shall continue strong as a Church to stand for all of God’s children. There have been times when we alone have so done. If we keep doing God’s will, we shall not be alone for long.

Thank you for your kindness and support. Please show the same and more to Bishop Thompson as he takes up the joy of episcope in Louisiana. Please forgive me for those things I ought not to have done and those things that I ought to have done that I did not do. They are many.

God bless you.


Grandmère words reflect our own:

Bishop Jenkins, I don’t know if you meant to, but you made me cry. I shall miss you. May God bless you in your retirement. Take your time to rest and recover. Take all the time that you need. However, I, for one, do not believe that your ministry is over. I pray that God will enlighten you and Louise and guide you in the way forward.

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