Muslim-Christian dialogue

Over the last couple of days there’s been a series of statements issued by groups in London, Rome and Mecca from representatives of Christian churches and denominations and representatives of the Muslim World League.

The primary emphasis of the statements is to lay the groundwork for a future formal interfaith dialogue between Christianity and Islam.

The Anglican contribution to this process, according to “FaithWorld”:

“In London, Lambeth Palace issued a statement on Tuesday about an ecumenical meeting that Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams convened on June 1-2 to discuss ways to deepen Christian-Muslim dialogue. More than 40 participants discussed the ‘Common Word’ initiative and ‘what degree of consensus might be possible as we look forward,’ he said. The list of participants shows most of the Christian churches addressed by the ‘Common Word’ letter were present. The statement said: ‘Delegates at the Consultation were heartened by the great variety of initiatives, some by Muslims and some by Christians, that were taking place at many different levels – many with a well-established track record. A great emphasis was placed on the need to ensure that the results of these encounters were more widely disseminated and influenced the education and formation of young people. The Archbishop agreed to take forward further work, particularly in response to A Common Word.’”

Read the full article at FaithWorld here.

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