New chaplain for Her Majesty

Queen Elizabeth II has appointed a number of royal chaplains during her reign. Her recent appointment of the Rev. Rose Hudson-Wilkin is slightly different though than many of her previous choices:

“Jamaica-born, Rose, as she is know to her parishioners, regards her recent appointment to the roster of scarlet-robed royal chaplains serving the monarch as a great honor for the people of her parish and herself, but says she will not be changing her style of preaching.

‘One of the things I am passionate about is that we belong to one another and that we should not allow cultural differences to become a hindrance to finding a way to connect. I shall want to bring an awareness to others of the lives of the people I serve at Holy Trinity, Dalston and All Saints, Haggerston [in the district of Hackney],’ Hudson-Wilkin told Ecumenical News International.

..On the issue of homosexuality, she is typically forthright. ‘We are playing games to our detriment,’ she said. ‘There are much more important problems to be concerned about than homosexuality. Look at what is happening in Kenya and Zimbabwe and with child soldiers and AIDS. This is where our prayers should be and our attention directed to what we can do.'”

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