New issue of Episcorific available

A new issue of Episcorific: a ‘zine for and by the young adults of the episcopal church, is available for downloading here. This issue focuses on the topic of “Going Green” and also reports on General Convention:

Ordinary Time is the longest part of the church year. It spans from the day of Pentecost (this year, May 31) until the first Sunday of Advent (November 29). During this time the liturgical color (the color used for vestments and altar cloths, etc.) is green. That’s a lot of green! What is green all about for us as Christians? What’s the relationship between growth and going green? How did that big meeting in July call us to grow as a body? How is God present in our ordinary times?

From the Table of Contents:

Going Green:

A Theology of [Inter]dependence by Matt Puckett

Mow-Your-Own Labyrinth by Kathleen Jaco

Renewal: Finding God in Creationby Sarah Davis

Using A Nature Journal

General Convention:

(that big mtg. we have every 3 years)

Episcopal Spiritual Values by Otis Gaddis III

Where you at? by Christine Faulstich

Take Up Your Cross by Sarah McCarren

Some Thoughts On General Convention and the Young Adult Festival by Caitlin Frazier and by Wendy Pineda.

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