New pastor ponders how to ‘save’ the Church

The Rev. Robyn Barnes, rector at St. Peter’s Church in Edmonton, offers a compelling response to the question, “How are you going to save the Church?”

I am not going to save the Church. As with the rest of the world, Jesus Christ has, is, will save the Church. (Often from the Church.)

I believe that. I don’t say that.

I don’t say that these questions, especially about young people, often have me imagining a white panel van, ‘Church’ emblazoned on the side, waiting for the correct candy.

I point out that the fears about the downfall of the Church and the Gospel are unfounded. Both have survived and flourished through far more. I assure them that I don’t have a three or five or seven point plan.

People hang on with me through those.

I go on to say that we need to learn what we believe and articulate it excellently. We need to discern what the mission of this parish is and engage excellently in it.

This is where, I suspect, I lose people.

She goes on to say that “the Church’s mission is not youth and money. The Church’s mission is the living and the proclamation of the Gospel.” Read the full post at her Theology Bird blog.

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