New ways to sign in to Episcopal Cafe´

The software we use here at the Café behind the scenes is supplied by TypePad. Like anything in the online world, the plumbing is always being updated. Occasionally you might even notice that something obvious is different.

Over the weekend TypePad rolled out a change to the way people can login to the Café to leave a comment. It used to be that to login you needed to create a TypePad account. But in these latter days, TypePad has now seen the logic of allowing people to authenticate their identity using their existing accounts on other services.

So, if you want to leave a comment here at the Café (and we hope you do), now when you sign in you have the option of using your Google account, your Facebook account, your Twitter account, or any of many other options. And of course your TypePad account will still work.

Just remember – all the comments left here at the Café are subject to moderation before they’re published. We require people leaving comments to use their real name. If you are using an alias to sign in, put your real name at the end of your comment. If you’re using a new method to sign in than one you’ve previously used, your comments may get delayed in moderation until we recognize you in your new guise. Help us poor moderators out by remembering to “sign” your posts.

If you’re new here, it may take a little while before one of the moderators gets a chance to review your comment. Once we get to know you, we’ll mark you as a trusted user and from then on your comments will appear immediately.

So enjoy the new options. We hope it makes it easier for more people to join the conversations.

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