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Steven Bates takes an interesting tack here, one I’ve seen in the Anglican Journal as well. The Primates who would not go to the Eucharist with Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori snubbed the rest of the Primates, including Rowan Williams as well. Bates writes:

Seven developing world archbishops last night refused to share communion with Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and fellow Anglican leaders at their biannual conference in Dar es Salaam in protest at the presence of the leader of the American Episcopal Church.

Johnathan Petre’s story for the T’graph is here. The T also has an editorial written from an alternate universe in which a hard left faction at the Primates meeting is threatening to walk out.

Here is the Episcopal News Service story on the Akinolytes boycott of today’s Eucharist.

Here is the Anglican Journal of Canada’s report.

ENS also has a wrap-up of the events that actually mattered.

Moving into the blogosphere, here are Caro Hall’s observations on the day.

Here are Scott Gunn’s. Here, too.

I am even linking to Father Jake’s item on anti-Americanism, even though I have learned from his blog that he was right across the driveway at the Cathedral today and did not cross the driveway to visit me.

And see the Cartoon Church here, because you deserve a chuckle.

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