Newspapers suing bloggers

Box Turtle Bulletin notes a new money raising scheme by some newspaper chains – suing bloggers:

Newspaper chains, in particular, have struggled mightily with this changing environment, and not altogether successfully. Some journalists have come to view bloggers as parasites. They say bloggers wouldn’t exist without the reporting done at newspapers.


As I said, copyright laws — or more specifically, copyright lawsuits — are serious business. And now, three newspaper chains have discovered that filing copyright lawsuits can become yet another profit center. The problem is, their definition of copyright infringement not only contradicts copyright law, but also poses a serious threat to bloggers and other online outlets everywhere.

Box Turtle Bulletin takes copyright seriously but has decided not to use the sources who are currently suing bloggers. What will you as a blogger do?

We at Episcopal Café use the standard of citing a few paragraphs or small percentage of a source. We encourage you to read the actual story before commenting from our summary.

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