Nigerian Archbishop describes his captivity and release

The Archbishop of the Niger Delta Province, the Most Rev. Ignatius Kattey, was released by his kidnappers after nine days in captivity and not rescued by the police as they announced.

The Archbishop and his wife spoke to reporters four days after his release. While he thanked the police for their efforts, but said they were not the ones who rescued him.

From Codewit World News:

He said: “The Police did not rescue me, neither were they the ones who rescued my wife, Beatrice. I saw the Police for the first time two days ago, after the incident. I heard the statements made by the Rivers State Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO. The police are telling lies. If you cannot trust the Police, then who can you trust? I told the Commissioner of Police and he has apologised.

“I know that they made efforts but they did not rescue us. A helicopter flew over the area more than 500 times, but the boys (kidnappers) were smarter. They held me in a thick forest and no one could see me there.

“On the day of my release (September 14), the kidnappers moved me and we trekked a number of kilometres till we got to a road. Then they gave me N200 and ordered me to walk towards a direction where I would get a bike. We thank God for His mercies because I wouldn’t even wish my enemy to go through that experience.”

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