No Eucharist for the Akinolites

Here is a statement from seven Akinolite primates on why they won’t participate in the Eucharist with Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori. I can only say that anyone who absents himself from the Eucharist because he doesn’t agree with the theological views of fellow participants, is assuming that the Eucharist is about… him. He’s also questioning the power of the Eucharist to bring about reconciliation. And that, dare I say it, is not an orthodox understanding of the sacrament.

I am wondering if this can be what the fuss was about earlier today. (See: Where in the World is Peter Akinola?) Doesn’t seem like quite enough, does it?

Scott Gunn is reporting on this, too.

And Susan Russell points out that the number of Primates skipping Eucharist with our Kate is half the number that skipped Eucharist with our Frank at Dromantine.

Richard at Caught by the Light takes the Aks to task for their shoddy use of the Book of Common Prayer.

And Tobias Haller notes that the seven Primates have their understanding of Eucharistic reconciliation backwards.

Update: Well, I am getting calls to comment on this, so apparently the press thinks it is news. I can’t for the life of me see why. They’ve done it before to no effect, and this time there are fewer of them. This is just an attempt to re-capture the narrative. Perhaps it will work. We shall see.

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