Nominees for bishop of Chicago

Five nominees for the 12th Bishop of Chicago were received from the Bishop Search Committee and announced Aug. 28, 2007 by the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago’s governing body, the Standing Committee, subject to completion of background checks:

The Rev. Jane S. Gould, Priest-in-Charge / Rector

St. Stephen’s Memorial Episcopal Church, Lynn, Mass.

The Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee, Rector

St. Thomas Church, Medina, Wash.

The Very Rev. Tracey Lind, Dean

Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio

The Rev. Margaret R. Rose, Director of Women’s Ministries

The Episcopal Church

The Rev. Timothy B. Safford, Rector

Christ Church, Philadelphia

Additional candidates can be nominated through a petition process overseen by the Standing Committee.

Press Release by Integrity


Integrity Responds to List of Candidates for Bishop of Chicago

“The big news today is that discernment has trumped discrimination in the Diocese of Chicago,” said Integrity President Susan Russell. “The inclusion of the Very Rev. Tracey Lind on the list of five extraordinarily qualified candidates for Bishop of Chicago is a bold step forward and a sign of hope and encouragement not only to LGBT Episcopalians but to the whole church. Her experience and leadership make her an excellent candidate and Integrity applauds the Diocese of Chicago for not allowing the forces advocating bigotry over ability to dominate their nomination process.

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