NY Deputation on the Draft Covenant

The General Convention deputation of the Diocese of New York have published their thoughts on the Draft Covenant for the Anglican Communion. Like a number of items that came out yesterday, this was mostly ignored by people as we all focused on the news about Lambeth.

But those attending Lambeth, whoever they all turn out to be, will most likely have a great deal of their time spent discussing the content of the Covenant that will ultimately have to be adopted by the individual provinces of the Communion.

Given that, the New York response is an excellent read and thoughtful critique that starts out in part stating:

“It would be helpful at this point in time for the Anglican Communion to make up its mind whether the needs of the world and the mission of the church in response to those needs will be better served by a more strictly and centrally regulated structure, or by a more open model deployed for ministry. We favor the latter as more in keeping with Christ’s commission to the church, which is focused not on itself and its structures but on the proclamation of the saving message to a wounded world. It appears that the more we attempt to secure our inner agreements the more we focus on the things that divide us. The Anglican Communion has been known until recently as a body governed not by statute but by bonds of affection, and a Covenant, if needed, should, unlike the present proposal, focus on the affection rather than the bondage. Such a Covenant would be tolerant of diversity and encourage bilateral cooperation in meeting local and global needs through partnerships rather than promoting more complex and rigid structures, as the present proposal seems to advise.”

Read the rest here: In a Godward direction: New York GC Deputation on the Draft Covenant

Bishop Mark Sisk, the Diocesan Bishop of the diocese has posted his own response here.

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