Obama: ‘God has not given us a spirit of fear’

At a prayer service in Boston today, President Obama told mourners: “We come together to pray and mourn and measure our loss. But we also come together today to reclaim that state of grace — to reaffirm that the spirit of this city is undaunted and the spirit of this country shall remain undimmed.”

CNN reports:

President Barack Obama traveled to Boston on Thursday, three days after the bombings at the famed marathon to reassure the city and the nation that their spirit remains strong.

“Everyone of us stands with you,” the president said at an interfaith service inside the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. “Boston may be your hometown — but we claim it, too.

“Boston, you’re my home,” Obama said. “For millions of us what happened on Monday is personal.”

The Washington Post has posted the full transcript of the president’s remarks.

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