Offering “meat” for the Bishops’ Pastoral Letter on the Economy

Terry Martin, Evangelism Officer for the Episcopal Church, follows up on the Bishops’ Pastoral Letter. He offers some “meat” for the thoughts contained in the bishops’ letter:

Those are good sentiments, but I think we need to put some meat on this message. As communities of faith, what can we do?

On the train this morning, I was reading the latest issue of the Leadership Journal. This is not a publication that is on my regular reading list, as it is part of Christianity Today, which has a biased slant, in my opinion. But the latest issue had an article by Jonny Baker that I wanted to read: Something Old and Something New (for some unknown reason, the article is not online). I was pleasantly surprised to also discover an article by Tom Sine which is online: Are You Recession Ready?

Do read the article. It is quite good, and moves us closer toward some concrete ideas regarding our response to this crisis. I’ve had the opportunity to meet Tom, and we’ve talked by email and phone a few times. I’ve come to value his insight, as well as his willingness to strip away the platitudes and say what needs to be said. An example can be found in this blog entry.


So, the question is, do we give a damn about our neighbors? If so, what are we doing about it?

Let’s get down to specifics. Here’s one simple idea that I’m discussing with a few faith communities.

Read about his ideas and specific programs here.

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