Oh, my! Someone seems to have woken up the Church of England

Ruth Gledhill:

The liberal fightback against Anglican conservatives and the Archbishop of Canterbury has begun….

Early talks are already underway about forging permanent links between liberal parishes in England and The Episcopal Church, rather as the conservatives have linked up through the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans and related bodies. A new TEC outpost in London is one possibility being considered. …

The opening cannon has come today in the form of a robust repudiation of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent response to developments in the US in which Dr Rowan Williams’ resigned acceptance of a two-track Anglican Communion is dismissed as ‘flawed’. …

We think the Mad Priest had a hand in this somewhere.

Thinking Anglicans is also on the case.

Added: Gledhill’s story as it appears in The Times.

Liberals from organisations such as Inclusive Church, set up and led by Giles Fraser, the new canon chancellor of St Paul’s, and the long-established Modern Churchpeople’s Union, will attempt to win key seats throughout the Church’s 44 dioceses in what look likely to be the hardest fought elections since the synod came into being in 1970 and which could turn into a battle for the soul of the established Church.

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