Ohio clergy featured in article about General Convention

The Cleveland based Plain Dealer has an unusually well done article on the most recent General Convention. They report with a focus on their local clergy, Gay Jennings and Mark Hollingsworth who served at General Convention in the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops respectively in particular but with other Ohio clergy quoted as well.

“Jennings chaired a committee that drafted the resolution, while Hollingsworth – working with another bishop – offered an amendment that helped to appease some bishops who had opposed it.

The amendment essentially recognizes that not everyone in the church agrees on ordaining gay clergy, but notes that God already has called gay people to ordained ministries in various Episcopal churches and may call them again.

‘We are not all of one mind,’ said Hollingsworth. ‘But each of us carries a piece of the truth and when we bring those pieces together it helps to discern what God’s truth is in our time.

‘I don’t believe God is asking us to reconcile our differences, but to be reconciled as people.'”

Read the full article here.

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