On taking Scripture seriously

The Anglican Scotist is among those sick of listening to conservatives blather that the Episcopal Church does not take Scripture seriously. Some of us think that the breakaway congregations have latched on to this issue to persuade themselves that their desire to leave the Episcopal Church is driven by something greater than their distaste for homosexuals–so much more enobling to believe one is driven by principle rather than prejudice.

The Scotist doesn’t weigh in on that particular issue. Rather, he writes:

The Episcopal Church has left little question as to where it stands on the issue of Biblical authority; volumes from the most recent two Church’s Teaching Series from the ’70s and late ’90s have been devoted to the issue, and there are several other monographs with similar degrees of authority. Moreover, it seems to me equally clear that the actions of GC2003 are rooted in the approach to Scripture outlined in these publications.

Thus, I propose looking into these volumes to see what the Episcopal Church actually says about Scripture and Biblical authority; alas, I am unwilling merely to take our conservative brothers and sisters at their word on this one.

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