On the clock

The Deputies didn’t accomplish much this morning. The Rev. Christopher Cantrell of the Diocese of Fort Worth, managed to get a substitution resolution on the floor that has no chance of passing. It would call for a moratorium on the consecration of a bishop living in a same sex relationship, and a moratorium on the authorization of blessings for same sex unions. If this resolution gets voted down, conservatives will be able to argue that the Convention had a chance to affirm the requests of the Windsor Report, but refused to do it.

As we adjourned for lunch, however, two challenges arose questioning whether the resolution was in order. Those making the challenge contend that a moratorium on consecrations would violate our existing canons. The canons can be changed, but that process requires two conventions. They also argue that the Convention cannot restrict a bishop’s power to authorize new rites. That power, they say, is conferred in the Book of Common Prayer, which has canonical status.

Comment on the challenge is beyond my expertise, and, in this instance, I am going to let that stop me.

My hunch is that A161 is dead, unless some currently non-existant coalition comes together to substitute the phrase “exercise considerable caution” for “refrain from” in the resolve regarding gay bishops. I think on a straight up or down vote, that language, which was put forward by the special commission on Windsor, but then altered by the special committee here in Columbus would have a decent chance of passing.

But I doubt we will ever find out.

As we watch the clock wind toward adjournment tomorrow, it is worth mentioning that the Convention still has to pass a budget, and deal with a passel of resolutions required to keep the Church running for the next three years.

The Deputies have already agreed to a night session beginning at 7:30. More later.

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