Opposing an amendment banning marriage equality

The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Shelby, North Carolina recently hosted a forum for opponents of a ballot initiative that would make same-sex marriage unconstitutional.

The Rev. Dr. Valori Mulvey Sherer, rector at the Episcopal church, contested from a religious perspective.

“This amendment violates Christian ethics. Our call is to take care of those, not to oppress them and take rights away,” she said.


Bishop Donagrant McCluney, who calls himself a “same-gender loving Pentecostal,” said the proposal’s hidden harms motivated him to educate people about the amendment.

“It does more harm to innocent people we haven’t considered in the proposal,” he said. “Legally, they (lawmakers) don’t need that extra layer because same-sex marriage is already illegal.”

Meanwhile, in Maryland, the Rev. Angela Shepherd, canon for mission and outreach in the Diocese of Maryland, spoke out in favor of the marriage equality legislation making its way through the legislature in that state.

Bishop Mariann Budde of Washington, whose diocese includes four Maryland counties has spoken out in favor of marriage equality. Bishops Michael Curry, Clifton Daniel and Porter Taylor, of the three Episcopal Dioceses in North Carolina have come out against the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Does anyone know whether Bishops Eugene Sutton or James Shand in Maryland have make public statements about the legislation. If not, does anybody know why not?

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