Paroled Episcopal priest suspended

The San Francisco Chronicle has news that the Rev. James Tramel, a priest in the Episcopal Diocese of California, has been suspended while an allegation of sexual misconduct made against him is being investigated.

Tramel is well known as the priest who was recently ordained while in prison serving time having been convicted of second-degree murder. Tramel’s story of repentance and subsequent acceptance into the church’s ordained ministry is told here.

According to the Chronicle’s article:

“An adult member of Trinity Episcopal Church in San Francisco, Tramel’s parish, filed the complaint with the diocese Tuesday, and Tramel, 39, was suspended that day from all pastoral, administrative and sacramental duties, according to diocesan spokesman Sean McConnell.

Parishioners at the church were told of the suspension during Sunday morning services, McConnell said.

Reached on Sunday, Tramel said Bishop Marc Andrus had instructed him not to speak on the matter. Andrus said the alleged sexual misconduct occurred over time and did not involve criminal activity.”

Read the rest here.

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