Pastors criticize Kenyan bishops

Daniel Nyassy and Maurice K’aluoch of the Sunday Nation of Kenya report:

The Kenyan clergy have been criticised for taking sides in the post-election crisis.

Nineteen evangelical pastors from Malindi blamed them for “bias and openly showing favouritism towards one of the feuding sides” instead of being reconciliatory.

In a statement issued after three days of praying and fasting, the pastors urged President Kibaki and ODM leader Mr Raila Odinga to speedily initiate dialogue to end the violence.

The pastors from various churches said it was shameful that foreign clerics, such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, have had to come to reconcile Kenyan leaders as local bishops kept mum or took sides.

Read it all. Then have a look at this story, which suggests that Kenyan Primate Benjamin Nzimbi is now involved in trying to find a solution to the problems in his country.

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