PB: “Haiti has already experienced Good Friday”

Bishop Duracin and I talked about foregoing Lent this year, for Haiti has already experienced Good Friday. Their task is to practice resurrection, find hope, and dream together of a restored world. That is our own task as well. The nations of the world, under Haiti’s direction, can help to rebuild a stronger and freer nation, where all people have hope of a more abundant life. – The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church.

Those are the words of our presiding bishop in her essay, Long Lent in Haiti, appearing this morning in the On Faith section of the Washington Post.


The world will do well to learn more about the historic injustices in Haiti and her people’s long suffering endurance.

Together we must ponder and strategize how best to assist Haiti in rebuilding the nation, under direction from the people of Haiti. The goal must be a free and more self-sufficient nation, which will not come from first-world direction of the rebuilding efforts. Resisting our own desires to rush in and fix, rather than act as servants and partners, will be the biggest challenge.

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