Plastic Luther statues swarm Wittenberg

We are growing close to the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing of theses to door of the Wittenberg church. And as Wittenberg prepares to observe the event, an artist has created a quirky way to mark the occasion:

“About 800 colourful statues of 16th-century Protestant reformer Martin Luther are popping up in the eastern German town of Wittenberg, where Luther first railed against some practices of the Roman Catholic Church almost 500 years ago.

The one-metre high plastic figures in red, green, blue and black are the creation of the artist Ottmar Hörl and are intended to replace a statue of Martin Luther on the town square while it is being renovated.”

More here with pictures!

If you’d like to own your own plastic statue, you can order one from here. Looks like it will run you about €250.

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