Plea for tolerance in Ugandan paper

An op-ed in Uganda’s Weekly Observer reflects on the state of the Anglican Communion and Africa’s role in ongoing disputes over homosexuality and the church. The unbylined article expresses a sympathy for people who find homosexuality “revolting,” but notes that African churches may hurt people more by exerting so much energy over the matter when there are other, graver issues threatening God’s flocks in Uganda and beyond:

… some religious leaders seem to have forgotten the virtues of tolerance and forgiveness so well articulated in the Bible in their zeal to condemn and pass judgment on homosexuality.

As a result of this fixation, such religious leaders tend to keep a blind eye on other evils going on under their noses everyday but are quick to jump onto the gay bandwagon.

Every other day some religious leaders are cited in cases of theft, witchcraft or adultery, but they are not treated as outlaws as much as gays are. Yet the Bible clearly says that all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory.

If the Church is to be a true house of God, it should accept all its children, regardless of their flaws or tendencies. We need to tolerate each other’s faults.

If the enthusiasm with which the clergy are fighting homosexuality were applied to evils such as theft, adultery and discrimination, Uganda would perhaps be a better world!

The whole thing is here, with a hat tip to Episcope.

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