Pleae pray for Bishop Lee

From the Diocese of Virginia

Nov. 8

Shortly after 10 a.m. today Bishop Lee was released from St. Mary’s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia after a 24-hour observation period. As you know he was admitted there yesterday morning, Nov. 7, exhibiting symptoms of a mild stroke.

Following a battery of tests including MRI, EEG, CT scans and a carotid artery test, there has been no conclusive diagnosis. However, Bishop Lee says that the doctors are recording the incident as a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) though he explains that his symptoms were not fully characteristic of TIA.

I spoke with him this morning. He sounds great and says he feels fine.

Though he has been ordered by doctors not to drive until the results of a final test are received on Friday, he is expected to attend a meeting of the Diocesan Executive Board on Thursday with the Standing Committee, regional deans and presidents in Northern Virginia. He will be driven by his clerk, Mr. Will Packard.

Thank you for your expressions of concern and your prayers.

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