Pope Francis’ iPhone greeting to Pentecostals goes viral

An iPhone message to Pentecostals from Pope Francis, created a few months ago, has proven quite popular. From AP, via the St.Louis Post-Dispatch:

The video, recorded on an iPhone, lasts less than eight minutes. The message is simple: We’re brothers despite our differences. …

Norberto Saracco, a Pentecostal leader and seminary rector from Buenos Aires who worked with Francis before he became pope, said in an email that the video had “advanced relations with Pentecostals more than 42 years of Catholic-Pentecostal dialogue.” Cecil M. Robeck, who represents Pentecostals in high-level discussions with other churches, including Catholics and Anglicans, said the response from his friends and colleagues “has been remarkable.”

“It’s going everywhere. I’ve probably sent it out to 50 people or more,” said Robeck, a professor at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, Calif. “They keep writing back and saying, ‘We have to spread this.’ ”

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