Postcards from Emmaus

Earlier this week, the Cafe reported on the meeting taking place in Spain between bishops of the Global South and bishop of the Episcopal Church in the states.

Trinity Church on Wall Street in NY underwrote much of the expense of the program and is today featuring news about the results on their website:

“The Trinity Grants Program convenes this week the ‘Walking to Emmaus Consultation,’ bringing together bishops and deans from the United States and countries in Africa who are actively engaged in ongoing mission partnerships. To deepen our understanding of the theology of mission and the role of current mission partnerships in the Anglican Communion, site editor Nathan Brockman recently spoke with Ian Douglas, Angus Dun Professor of Mission and World Christianity at the Episcopal Divinity School.”

If you go to the site linked below, you’ll find numerous video postcards from the participants.

Read the rest here: Trinity Church – The Theology of Mission: A Conversation

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