Pot meet kettle

Some senior Church of England bishops have criticized the European Union, calling it an undemocratic and secretive bureaucracy run by elites. Sort of like the Church of England.

The Telegraph reports:

The submission by the House of Bishops Europe Panel was published on Thursday in response to a document called EU 2020, a strategy to make the 27-state union a “smarter, greener social market” following the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty.

That policy, published in draft form by the European Commission in November, set out how the EU can recover from the financial crisis as well as improve education, low-carbon technology and the role of the European Parliament.

In reply the bishops, led by the Rt Rev Christopher Hill, the Bishop of Guildford, make a series of highly critical points about the EU itself and its remoteness from ordinary people.

Which, of course, is very different than a system where Bishops are appointed rather than

elected and where the only eligible office holders are male. Or where some of these same Bishops are appointed to the House of Lords claiming to represent all religions while they work hard to defeat a key provision of a bill to end discrimination in hiring by religious institutions.

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