Prayer Book subcommittee drafts blessings resolution

The sub-committee of the Prayer Book, Music and Liturgy Committee assigned to review resolutions on same-sex blessings and marriage equality has written a four clause resolution to present to the larger committee. Below is a rough paraphrase of the resolution, pending further refinement of my understanding.

A combination of resolution C056, from the Diocese of Missouri, and C031 from the Diocese of Vermont, the proposed resolution would:

Permit diocesan bishops to “authorize for use liturgies for same sex blessings” that “reflect the legal contexts in which such holy unions take place.”

Stipulates that no bishop, cleric or other person can be compelled to participate in such a rite.

Directs the Standing Committee on Liturgy and Music and the Bishops’ Theology Committee to collect and develop theological resources and liturgies of same-sex blessings to present to the next General Convention.

Directs those same two groups to devise an open and transparent process for further consideration of this issue inviting theological reflection from around the Church and the Anglican Communion.

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